About Us

Loomis Travel was founded out of our personal travel frustrations and a shared ambition to solve the luggage problem. As international graduate students constantly traveling between Kenya and the United States, we were disheartened by the poor quality and expensive luggage available in the market, often falling apart during our trips.

Determined to create a better solution, we joined forces with a remarkable co-founder a decade after graduating, combining our scientific expertise with supply chain management to establish a luggage brand that exceeded our expectations.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Loomis Travel specializes in designing and manufacturing travel essentials, including backpacks, carry-ons, check-in suitcases, and other accessories. With a direct-to-consumer sales model, we ensure our customers receive the best value for their money without unnecessary markups.

Our commitment to innovation and quality sets us apart, aiming to make travel effortless for everyone through trustworthy products.