Why Sustainable Luggage Matters: A Message from Loomis Travel

Why Sustainable Luggage Matters: A Message from Loomis Travel

At Loomis Travel, we believe that sustainable luggage is the future of the travel industry. As conscious travelers ourselves, we are committed to using our business as a force for good and making progress around health, sustainability, and the entire product lifecycle. Here are the key points:

Sustainability is important in the luggage manufacturing sector:

  • The travel industry is responsible for a significant amount of waste and carbon emissions
  • Sustainable manufacturing practices can help reduce waste and minimize environmental impact
  • Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and expect companies to prioritize sustainability

How we approach sustainability at Loomis Travel:

  • We intentionally design our luggage to reduce off-cuts and improve supply chain flow
  • Our packaging is designed with common sense and minimal waste in mind
  • We use ethical manufacturing practices with not-toxic luggage fabrics

Why the customer should care about sustainable luggage:

  • Sustainable luggage is built to last and can provide peace of mind to travelers
  • Choosing sustainable luggage can help reduce your environmental impact and promote a better future for all
  • By supporting companies that prioritize sustainability, customers can use their purchasing power to make a positive impact

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