How to Choose The Best Checked Bag for Frequent Flyers

How to Choose The Best Checked Bag for Frequent Flyers

Choosing the right checked luggage ensures your belongings stay protected, enhances your travel convenience, and helps avoid costly airline fees. As a frequent flyer, you need a checked bag that is durable, lightweight, and fits your travel style. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you select the best checked luggage for your needs.

How to Determine the Ideal Size for Your Checked Luggage

  • Assess Your Travel Needs: Consider the length and type of your trips. For week-long vacations, a medium-sized bag (24-26 inches) is ideal, while longer trips may require a larger bag (28-32 inches).
  • Check Airline Restrictions: Ensure your luggage meets the size and weight limits of the airlines you frequently use to avoid extra fees.

Comparing Hard-Shell vs Soft-Sided Luggage

  • Soft-Sided Luggage: Provides more flexibility and can be easier to fit into tight spaces. Often includes external pockets for quick access to essentials.
  • Hard-Shell Luggage: Offers better protection for fragile items and is more water-resistant but has a higher propensity to cracking and scratches.

Best Materials for Durable Checked Luggage

  • Jacquard or Ballistic Nylon: Extremely durable and resistant to tears and abrasions, perfect for soft-sided luggage.
  • Polycarbonate: Lightweight and highly durable, making it a popular choice for hard-shell luggage.

Look for Lightweight Checked Luggage to Avoid Excess Fees

  • Choose Lightweight Materials: Opt for luggage made from polycarbonate or high-denier nylon to keep the weight down. In general, soft-sided luggage tends to be lighter than hard-sided luggage of equal size.
  • Check the Empty Weight: Ensure the bag itself is light enough to allow for more packing without exceeding airline weight limits.

Ensure Your Checked Bag Has Sturdy Wheels and Handles

  • Spinner Wheels: Look for 360-degree spinner wheels for easy maneuverability.
  • Reinforced Handles: Ensure the handles are sturdy and comfortable to grip, as they will endure a lot of stress.

How to Understand Luggage Durability Before Buying

  • Read Reviews: Check customer reviews for insights on the durability and performance of the luggage.
  • Inspect the Construction: Look for reinforced corners, strong zippers, and high-quality stitching.

Opt for Checked Suitcases with Expandable Capacity for Flexibility

  • Expandable Zippers: Choose bags with expandable sections to increase packing capacity when needed.
  • Flexible Packing Options: This feature is especially useful for bringing back souvenirs or packing for longer trips.
Lightweight Softside Expandable Carry-On and Affordable durable Checkin Suitcase Carry-on luggage with 360-Degree Spinner Wheels 1

Consider Checked Bags with Built-In Organization Features and Pockets

  • Internal Compartments: Look for bags with multiple compartments and pockets to keep your items organized.
  • External Pockets: Handy for storing items you need quick access to, like travel documents or a jacket.

Compare Prices and Read Reviews on the Best-Checked Suitcases

  • Set a Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend and compare options within that range.
  • Read Expert Reviews: Look for reviews from travel experts and frequent flyers to get reliable recommendations.

Select a Checked Bag that Complements Your Travel Style and Needs

  • Business vs. Leisure: Choose a bag that fits your typical travel style, whether it's sleek and professional for business or spacious and versatile for leisure.
  • Personal Preferences: Consider color, design, and additional features that match your personal taste.

How to Choose Luggage that Will Not Show Dirt or Scratches

  • Black or Dark Colors: Opt for darker colors or patterns that can hide dirt and scratches better.
  • Durable Finishes: Look for materials with scratch-resistant finishes to keep your bag looking new.

Invest in Checked Luggage with Reliable Warranty Coverage

  • Warranty Terms: Check the warranty terms and conditions to ensure you are covered for any manufacturing defects or damages.
  • Brand Reputation: Choose brands known for their reliable customer service and warranty support.


High Quality Lightweight Softside Expandable Carry-On and Checkin Suitcase with 360-Degree Spinner Wheels (8)

Consider Luggage Security Features and Locks

  • Ensure your bag has lockable zippers or TSA-approved locks for added security.
  • Anti-Theft Features: Look for bags with anti-theft zippers and compartments to protect your belongings.

Other Essential Features to Look for in Checked Luggage

  • Water-Resistant Materials: Protect your belongings from rain and spills.
  • Compression Straps: Help keep your items secure and maximize packing space.

Top Checked Luggage Brands for Frequent Flyers

  • Loomis Travel - Consider supporting our Direct-To-Customer brand. We do our best to eliminate retail markups while offering top-quality and functional luggage. Our catalog is shown below.

Other brands.

  • Samsonite: Known for durability and innovative features.
  • Travelpro: Popular among airline professionals for its reliability.
  • Rimowa: Offers high-quality, stylish options at premium prices
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