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Carryon Bag Packing Checklist for a Short Trip

Are you gearing up for a quick escape and looking for a list of things to put in a carry on bag? Packing light for a 2-3 day trip is not only liberating but also practical. With just a carry-on bag in tow, you can breeze through airport lines and hit the ground running at your destination. Choose versatile, wrinkle-resistant clothing in neutral colors, and pack only essential items.

As you embark on your weekend adventure, keep these carryon packing tips in mind to make the most of your carry-on space. Roll your clothes instead of folding them to save room and prevent wrinkles. To pack efficiently, use packing cubes or compression bags for organization, wear bulky items during travel, and double-check airline carry-on size restrictions.

I have used this checklist for solo quick weekend getaways, quick romantic getaways, a short cruise trip,  Valentines weekend getaways, weekend train trips, and the best beach weekend getaways so far!

Packing tips for carryon luggage 

  • Clothing:
    • 2-3 sets of wrinkle-free outfits (day and evening)
    • Undergarments and socks
    • Pajamas or comfortable sleepwear
    • Lightweight jacket or sweater (if needed)
    • Hat or sunglasses (if needed)
    • Shoes as needed
  • Personal Items:
    • Passport or ID
    • Travel itinerary and documents
    • Wallet with cash and cards
    • Cell phone and charger
    • Travel-sized hand sanitizer
    • Prescription medications (if needed)
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Travel-sized umbrella
    • Snacks (non-perishable)
    • Water bottle
    • Earphones or headphones
    • Book or e-reader
    • Travel pillow or neck pillow
    • Travel-sized first aid kit
    • Ziplock bags (for organizing)
  • Optional:
    • Laptop or tablet
    • Camera or smartphone for photos
    • Portable charger or power bank
    • Travel journal or notebook
    • Foldable tote bag or backpack for additional storage

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