A Guide to Visiting Washington

A Guide to Visiting Washington

Washington DC is a historic city that offers a blend of culture, politics, and natural beauty. As the capital of the United States, it is home to iconic landmarks, world-class museums, and green spaces. With its diverse neighborhoods and rich history, Washington DC is a beautiful place to visit for any traveler.

Where to stay:

  • The Willard InterContinental: a luxurious hotel with a historic facade and a central location
  • The Hay-Adams: a luxury hotel with a rooftop bar and views of the White House
  • The Mandarin Oriental: a luxury hotel with a spa and a rooftop bar
  • The Kimpton Mason & Rook Hotel: a boutique hotel with a rooftop bar and a rooftop pool
  • Airbnb: a platform for renting vacation homes, apartments, or rooms from local hosts

Best places to eat:

  • Ben's Chili Bowl: a local institution known for its chili dogs and half-smokes
  • The Old Ebbitt Grill: a historic restaurant with a seafood focus and a popular happy hour
  • Oyamel Cocina Mexicana: a Mexican restaurant with a modern twist and a rooftop bar
  • Zaytinya: a Mediterranean restaurant with small plates and a lively atmosphere
  • The Capital Grille: a high-end steakhouse with a sophisticated atmosphere

The National Mall is a must-see attraction in D.C., with its iconic monuments and sprawling green space. Some of the most important things to see on the mall include:

  • The Washington Monument: An iconic obelisk honoring the first President of the United States, George Washington.
  • The Lincoln Memorial: A tribute to President Abraham Lincoln, featuring a statue of the President and inscriptions of his famous speeches.
  • The White House: The official residence and workplace of the President of the United States.

As the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. is home to many government buildings and agencies. Some of the most important things to see in the city include:

  • The U.S. Capitol Building: Where Congress meets and passes laws.
  • The Supreme Court: The highest court in the United States, responsible for interpreting the Constitution.
  • The Pentagon: The headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Brewery highlights:

  • The DC Brau Brewing Company: a brewery with a taproom and a variety of beers
  • The Atlas Brew Works: a craft brewery with a taproom and a food truck
  • The Port City Brewing Company: a brewery with a taproom and a selection of beers

Night life:

  • The U Street Music Hall: a music venue with electronic and live performances
  • The Black Cat: a music venue with concerts and a lively atmosphere
  • The 9:30 Club: a music venue with a variety of genres and a vibrant atmosphere
  • The Howard Theatre: a historic music venue with concerts and comedy shows
  • The Blues Alley: a jazz club with live music and a intimate atmosphere


  • The National Museum of American History
  • The National Museum of the American Indian
  • The National Air and Space Museum
  • The National Gallery of Art
  • The National Museum of African American History and Culture
  • The National Museum of Natural History
  • The National Portrait Gallery
  • The National Postal Museum
  • The National Museum of Women in the Arts
  • The Renwick Gallery

What to do:

  • Visit the White House: the official residence of the President of the United States
  • See the Cherry Blossoms: visit the Tidal Basin in spring to see the famous cherry blossom trees
  • Take a tour of the U.S. Capitol: visit the seat of the U.S. Congress and see the Rotunda and the chambers of the House and Senate
  • Visit the Lincoln Memorial: a iconic monument with a statue of Abraham Lincoln and inscriptions of his famous speeches
  • Take a walk along the National Mall: a green space with iconic landmarks and memorials


  • The Union Market: a popular food hall with local vendors and a variety of cuisines
  • The Eastern Market: a historic market with stalls selling fresh produce, crafts, and antiques
  • The Georgetown neighborhood: a upscale neighborhood with boutique shops and high-end stores

Experience nature and parks:

  • The Dumbarton Oaks Gardens: a formal garden with a variety of plants and a museum
  • Rock Creek Park: A 1,754-acre park located in the heart of D.C., offering a variety of recreational activities, including hiking, biking, and horseback riding.
  • The National Arboretum: Located in Northeast D.C., the National Arboretum is a 446-acre research and education facility home to a wide variety of plants, trees, and gardens.
  • The U.S. National Arboretum's National Bonsai & Penjing Museum: A collection of miniature trees and plants on display in a peaceful setting.
  • The National Mall: As previously mentioned, the National Mall is a great place to enjoy outdoor recreation and nature in the heart of D.C.
  • The National Zoo: Located in Northwest D.C., the National Zoo is home to more than 1,500 animals and is a popular destination for families and animal lovers.

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